Specify DNS GC hostnames

Specify the domain controller used as the global catalog if your DNS is not configured to use Active Directory.

In most cases, you should not use this group policy in a production environment because Active Directory automatically updates DNS with fail-over and replica servers optimized for the Active Directory site configuration. This group policy is used primarily for configuring an evaluation environment when the DNS server is on a UNIX computer and can't provide the _gc service records.

The domain controller name must be resolvable using either DNS or in the local /etc/hosts file. Therefore, you must add entries to the local /etc/hosts for each domain controller you want to use if you are not using DNS or if the DNS server cannot locate your domain controllers.

To specify GC hostnames:

1. After enabling this group policy, click Add, then enter the following information:

- Domain: The domain name, for example, acme.com.
- GC hostnames separated by space: One or more hostnames in the domain, for example, gc1.acme.com. Hostname need to be fully qualified domain name.

2. Click OK to add the specified hostnames.
3. You can click Add again to add hosts from a different domain.
4. When you are done, click OK.

Once you've added one or more hostnames, you can select an existing domain and click Edit or Remove to edit or remove the specified hosts.

This group policy modifies the dns.gc.domain_name setting in the Centrify DirectControl configuration file.

Supported on:

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Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Centrify\CentrifyDC\Settings\Timeouts
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