Summary: Proxy configuration mode

Select the proxy configuration mode. Supported values are "none", "manual", "auto". If this is "none", then proxies are not used. If it is "auto", the autoconfiguration URL described by the "autoconfig-url" key is used. If it is "manual", then the proxies described by "/system/proxy/http", "/system/proxy/https", "/system/proxy/ftp" and "/system/proxy/socks" will be used. Each of the 4 proxy types is enabled if its "host" key is non-empty and its "port" key is non-0. If an http proxy is configured, but an https proxy is not, then the http proxy is also used for https. If a SOCKS proxy is configured, it is used for all protocols, except that the http, https, and ftp proxy settings override it for those protocols only.

Type: String

Default: 'none'

Supported on:

Deny users

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Centrify\Gnome3\org.gnome.system.proxy
Value Name
Default Value*


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