Specify how frequently to check for responses to multi-factor authentication challenges

Set the polling interval in seconds for checking whether a user has responded to a multi-factor authentication challenge. Some multi-factor authentication challenges require the user to respond, for example by typing a code, answering a phone call, or clicking a link in an email message. This group policy defines the number of seconds to wait for the user's response to the challenge by setting a polling interval for the client computer to check with the Centrify Identity Platform. The lower you set this value, the more frequently the client computer checks the Centrify Identity Platform for a response to the authentication challenge. Depending on the type of challenge and the user response time, more frequently polling can also result in faster completion if authentication is successful.

The minimum value you can specify is 1 second and the maximum value is 300 seconds. The default value is 3 seconds.

Supported on:

Time interval in second

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Centrify\DirectAuthorize\Agent
Value NameCloudPollingInterval
Default Value3
Min Value1
Max Value300


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Administrative Templates (Users)