Set LDAP fetch count

Specify the number of objects to obtain in a single LDAP request.

You can use this setting to optimize performance and network usage by balancing speed and memory usage against network bandwidth and latency.

As you increase the number of objects included in an LDAP request, you may improve the overall performance by decreasing the number of connections to Active Directory and reducing the overall demand on the server, but you increase the RAM used by Centrify DirectControl Agent. If you decrease the number of objects included in an LDAP request, you may reduce overall performance because of the additional network traffic, but decrease the memory used by Centrify DirectControl Agent.

On faster networks, you can safely retrieve a small number of objects. On slower networks or when retrieving information for large groups (for example, groups with more than 1000 users), you may want to increase the value for this parameter.

This group policy modifies the adclient.fetch.object.count setting in the Centrify DirectControl configuration file.

Supported on:

Maximum client alive count:

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Centrify\CentrifyDC\Settings
Value Name
Default Value3
Min Value0
Max Value


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Administrative Templates (Users)