NSSDB based applications allowed to use smart card

Enable this group policy to load Tokend PKCS11 module to a location of your choice.

The location you specify should be where the profiles.ini file is for the user's profile. For example:
for firefox by default it will be ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox
for thunderbird by default it will be ~/Library/Thunderbird
This group policy only support location under user home. The location path must start with ~.

To remove the importing feature, you must set this group policy to Disabled.

Once enabled, this policy can take effect dynamically at the next group policy refresh interval.

Note that only after smart card support enabled, NSSDB based applications can access smart card.

Supported on:

Allow Applications

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Centrify\CentrifyDC\Settings\Mac\Security\AllowAppsUseSmartCardList
Value NameAllowAppsUseSmartCardItem{number}
Value TypeREG_SZ
Default Value


Administrative Templates (Computers)

Administrative Templates (Users)