Default bitmap for Novell Login dialog

Specifies the path and filename for a bitmap that will be used on the Novell Login dialog in place of the default Novell Client bitmap. Custom bitmap sizes can be used, but will affect the overall size of the Novell Login dialog.

With regard to the size of the bitmap that should be used, Novell Client creates the bitmap of the correct dimensions at runtime. It uses a pre-determined height for the image, but the width depends upon the size of the horizontal space available.

To create a bitmap of the right size for a particular machine, make a screen shot of the login dialog and observe the dimensions for the dialog displaying Novell Client's own bitmap. (e.g. Cut and paste just the Novell banner out of that image, and see how big just that portion is.)

Because the dimensions may vary depending on the machine, e.g. some have 96 dpi, some have 144 dpi, etc.; the Novell Client creates its own bitmap at runtime to be the correct size.

Supported on: Novell Client 2 SP3

Default bitmap for Novell Login dialog

Registry PathSOFTWARE\Novell\Login\Banner
Value NameImage
Value TypeREG_SZ
Default Value

novell client 2 sp3 for windows adm.admx

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