Debug Log Max File Size

This setting controls the size of the NCNetProvider.dll log file. If the debug log file reaches the size specified in KB in DebugLogMaxFileSize, the file will be deleted and logging will continue but with all prior log content deleted. Not having a DebugLogMaxFileSize value defined or having the value set to 0 allows the log file to grow indefinitely (the default setting). For example, to allow for a log file up to 100MB, set DebugLogMaxFileSize to 102400. To allow for a log file up to 10MB, set DebugLogMaxFileSize to 10240.

Supported on: Novell Client 2 SP3

Debug Log Max File Size

Registry PathSOFTWARE\Novell\Network Provider
Value NameDebugLogMaxFileSize
Default Value
Min Value
Max Value

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