Max Retries Boot Threshold

The Max Retries Boot Threshold is a "boot hold down time" relative to the Windows startup process. If the Windows "up time" is less than the specified number of seconds, we will wait until the Windows up time crosses that threshold, or until the redirector reports having one or more networks available, whichever comes first.

The intention is that a longer wait for network interfaces to arrive is warranted if Windows is still in the process of booting up, but that this longer wait is unnecessary and frustrating for customers if repeated /every/ time the Novell Client login is invoked.

e.g. If the redirector reports no networks are available, but Windows has been running for less than 65 seconds, the Novell Client will continue to wait for the redirector to report having networks available, until Windows has been running for 65 seconds. Once Windows has been running for 65 seconds or more, the Novell Client will only wait to the normal "Max Retries" time period (5 seconds).

See TID 7006626.

Supported on: Novell Client 2 SP3

Max Retries Boot Threshold

Registry PathSOFTWARE\Novell\Login
Value NameMax Retries Boot Threshold
Default Value65
Min Value1
Max Value300

Default is '65'.

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