Set the time period for update notifications

Allows you to set the time period, in milliseconds, over which users are notified that Microsoft Edge must be relaunched to apply a pending update.

Over this time period, the user will be repeatedly informed of the need for an update. In Microsoft Edge the app menu changes to indicate that a relaunch is needed once one third of the notification period passes. This notification changes color once two thirds of the notification period passes, and again once the full notification period has passed. The additional notifications enabled by the 'RelaunchNotification' (Notify a user that a browser restart is recommended or required for pending updates) policy follow this same schedule.

If not set, the default period of 604800000 milliseconds (one week) is used.

Supported on: Microsoft Edge version 77, Windows 7 or later

Set the time period for update notifications:

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Microsoft\Edge
Value NameRelaunchNotificationPeriod
Default Value
Min Value3600000
Max Value2000000000


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