Set new tab page company logo (obsolete)

OBSOLETE: This policy is obsolete and doesn't work after Microsoft Edge 85.

This policy didn't work as expected due to changes in operational requirements. Therefore it's obsolete and should not be used.

Specifies the company logo to use on the new tab page in Microsoft Edge.

The policy should be configured as a string that expresses the logo(s) in JSON format. For example: { "default_logo": { "url": "", "hash": "cd0aa9856147b6c5b4ff2b7dfee5da20aa38253099ef1b4a64aced233c9afe29" }, "light_logo": { "url": "", "hash": "517d286edb416bb2625ccfcba9de78296e90da8e32330d4c9c8275c4c1c33737" } }

You configure this policy by specifying the URL from which Microsoft Edge can download the logo and its cryptographic hash (SHA-256), which is used to verify the integrity of the download. The logo must be in PNG or SVG format, and its file size must not exceed 16 MB. The logo is downloaded and cached, and it will be redownloaded whenever the URL or the hash changes. The URL must be accessible without any authentication.

The 'default_logo' is required and will be used when there's no background image. If 'light_logo' is provided, it will be used when the user's new tab page has a background image. We recommend a horizontal logo with a transparent background that is left-aligned and vertically centered. The logo should have a minimum height of 32 pixels and an aspect ratio from 1:1 to 4:1. The 'default_logo' should have proper contrast against a white/black background while the 'light_logo' should have proper contrast against a background image.

If you enable this policy, Microsoft Edge downloads and shows the specified logo(s) on the new tab page. Users can't override or hide the logo(s).

If you disable or don't configure this policy, Microsoft Edge will show no company logo or a Microsoft logo on the new tab page.

For help with determining the SHA-256 hash, see

Example value:

"light_logo": {
"url": "",
"hash": "517d286edb416bb2625ccfcba9de78296e90da8e32330d4c9c8275c4c1c33737"
"default_logo": {
"url": "",
"hash": "cd0aa9856147b6c5b4ff2b7dfee5da20aa38253099ef1b4a64aced233c9afe29"

Compact example value:

{"light_logo": {"url": "", "hash": "517d286edb416bb2625ccfcba9de78296e90da8e32330d4c9c8275c4c1c33737"}, "default_logo": {"url": "", "hash": "cd0aa9856147b6c5b4ff2b7dfee5da20aa38253099ef1b4a64aced233c9afe29"}}

Supported on: Microsoft Edge version 79-85, Windows 7 or later

New tab page company logo

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Microsoft\Edge
Value NameNewTabPageCompanyLogo
Value TypeREG_SZ
Default Value


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