Use a default referrer policy of no-referrer-when-downgrade (deprecated)

DEPRECATED: This policy is deprecated. It is currently supported but will become obsolete in a future release.

This policy is deprecated because it's only intended to be a short-term mechanism to give enterprises more time to update their web content if and when it's found to be incompatible with the current default referrer policy. It won't work in Microsoft Edge version 88.

Microsoft Edge's default referrer policy is being strengthened from its current value of no-referrer-when-downgrade to the more secure strict-origin-when-cross-origin through a gradual rollout.

Before the rollout, this enterprise policy will have no effect. After the rollout, when this enterprise policy is enabled, Microsoft Edge's default referrer policy will be set to its old value of no-referrer-when-downgrade.

This enterprise policy is disabled by default.

Supported on: Microsoft Edge version 81, Windows 7 or later

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Microsoft\Edge
Value NameForceLegacyDefaultReferrerPolicy
Enabled Value1
Disabled Value0


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