Turn off Build-to-Lossless feature

Specifies whether to turn the build-to-lossless feature of the PCoIP protocol off or on; this feature is turned off by default.

If this setting is Enabled or Not Configured then the build-to-lossless feature is turned off and images and other desktop content may never build to a lossless state. In network environments with constrained bandwidth, turning off the build-to-lossless feature can provide bandwidth savings. If this setting is Disabled then the build-to-lossless feature is turned on; this is recommended for environments that require images and desktop content to be built to a lossless state.

When this setting is modified during an active PCoIP session, it will take effect immediately.

Supported on: PDF-XChange Editor v5.5.312 or later

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Teradici\PCoIP\pcoip_admin_defaults
Value Namepcoip.enable_build_to_lossless
Enabled Value0
Disabled Value1


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