Configure frame rate vs image quality preference

Configure the frame rate and image quality preference from 0 (highest frame rate) to 100 (highest image quality). If this policy is disabled or not configured, the default setting is 50.

Higher value (max: 100) means you prefer to high image quality while choppy frame rate is tolerant; Lower value (min: 0) means you prefer to fluent experience with aggressive image quality.

This setting could work with the 'Configure PCoIP image quality levels' GPO, which determines the max initial image quality level and min image quality level. While the 'Frame rate and image quality preference' could adjust the image quality level for each frame, it could not out of the max/min quality level threshold configured by 'Configure PCoIP image quality levels' GPO.

When this policy is changed during run time, it could take effect immediately.

Supported on: Undefined

Set PCoIP frame rate vs quality factor to:

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Teradici\PCoIP\pcoip_admin
Value Namepcoip.frame_rate_vs_quality_factor
Default Value50
Min Value0
Max Value100


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