Location of Update Info Source File

The ASSP Toolbar for Outlook allows you to host the latest update installer for the toolbar, rather than use the FreeYourNet update server. This allows you to control when users can update their Outlook clients.

To host updates yourself, you need to create an 'Update Info Source File' which tells the client toolbars what the latest version available is, and where they can download it from.

Both the Update Info Source File and the update distribution file can be located either on a company intranet (accessible to clients via a http URL) or on a network share (accessible via a UNC path or mapped drive).

Please refer to the ASSP Toolbar for Outlook product documentation for details.

When not configured, this policy setting will default to the standard FreeYourNet update info source URL.

Supported on: Outlook XP or higher.

Location of Update Info Source File:

Registry PathSOFTWARE\Policies\FreeYourNet\ASSPToolbar
Value NameUpdateInfoSource
Value TypeREG_SZ
Default Valueurl=http://www.assptoolbar.com/pubftp/ASSPToolbar/verinfo.txt


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