Delete prepended subject text(s) from processed not-spam emails

For versions of ASSP 1.3.3.x and earlier, use this to specify the spam tags to be removed from an email's subject line when the user reports the email as not-spam.

Specify the string that your ASSP installation prepends to spam emails, if any. such as [SPAM] - or set it to an empty string to prevent the user from configuring this setting. To specify multiple strings to remove, separate each string with a '|' (pipe) character (if a string contains a pipe, prefix it with a circumflex, thus: '^|')".

NB: If you are using ASSP 1.4.x or later the toolbar will automatically remove prepended spam tags, so you don't need to specify this setting. You can, however, then use this setting to remove any spam tags that may be prepended by another anti-spam filter in front of ASSP.

Supported on: Outlook XP or higher.

Delete prepended subject text(s) from processed not-spam emails:

Registry PathSOFTWARE\Policies\FreeYourNet\ASSPToolbar
Value NameStripSpamSubjectPrefix
Value TypeREG_SZ
Default Value


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