Process folders for ASSP-tagged spam

Use this to specify the folders the toolbar will look in for ASSP-tagged spam.

If you set this to an empty string the toolbar will look in the user's Inbox. Specify one or more folder paths, separated by a '|' (pipe) character (if a foldername contains a pipe, prefix it with a circumflex, thus: '^|'). Each folder path is of the form '\\\\..\', where is the name of the message store to use, and the rest of the path specifies the folder hierarchy. If you omit the '\\\' prefix, the folder path is assumed to be in the user's default message store.

Supported on: Outlook XP or higher.

Process folders for ASSP-tagged spam:

Registry PathSOFTWARE\Policies\FreeYourNet\ASSPToolbar
Value NameOutlookRuleProcessFolders
Value TypeREG_SZ
Default ValueInbox


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