Enterprise printer configuration file

Provides configurations for enterprise printers.

This policy allows you to provide printer configurations to
Google Chrome OS devices.
The size of the file must not exceed 5MB and must be encoded in JSON.
The format is the same as the NativePrinters dictionary. It is estimated
that a file containing approximately 21,000 printers will encode as a 5MB
file. The cryptographic hash is used to verify the integrity of the

The file is downloaded and cached. It will be re-downloaded whenever
the URL or the hash changes.

If this policy is set,
Google Chrome OS will download
the file for printer configurations and make printers available in
accordance with NativePrintersBulkAccessMode, NativePrintersBulkWhitelist,
and NativePrintersBulkBlacklist.

If you set this policy, users cannot change or override it.

This policy has no effect on whether users can configure printers on
individual devices. It is intended to be supplementary to the
configuration of printers by individual users.

Támogatott a következőn: SUPPORTED_WIN7

Enterprise printer configuration file

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Google\ChromeOS
Value NameNativePrintersBulkConfiguration
Default Value


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