Allow devices compliant with InstantGo or HSTI to opt out of pre-boot PIN.

This policy setting allows users on devices that are compliant with InstantGo or Microsoft Hardware Security Test Interface (HSTI) to not have a PIN for pre-boot authentication. This overrides the "Require startup PIN with TPM" and "Require startup key and PIN with TPM" options of the "Require additional authentication at startup" policy on compliant hardware.

If you enable this policy setting, users on InstantGo and HSTI compliant devices will have the choice to turn on BitLocker without pre-boot authentication.

If this policy is not enabled, the options of "Require additional authentication at startup" policy apply.

Supported on: At least Windows Server 2016, Windows 10 Version 1703

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Microsoft\FVE
Value NameOSEnablePreBootPinExceptionOnDECapableDevice
Enabled Value1
Disabled Value0


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