Pre load usernames

If this setting is enabled then when the program is launched it will attempt to load all available usernames in to the username drop down list on the main window and the user will not be able to disable this feature from the options window. If you enable this policy then you can optionally also use the Only Pre Load Usernames From Specific OU policy to avoid loading every username in the domain.
If this setting is disabled then the program will not load usernames in to the drop down list when it is launched and the user will not be able to enable this from the options window.
If this setting is not configured, the setting that the user has configured in the options window will take effect.

Supported on: At least AD Account Reset Tool version 1.3.0

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Cjwdev\AccountReset
Value NamePreLoadUsernames
Enabled Value1
Disabled Value0