Minimum free space after PSD creation

Enabled: If a PSD is saved on the system drive (where the current operating system is located), then a defined amount of free space has to be left after PSD configuration. Specify how much free space has to be left on the system drive after PSD configuration.

Disabled: There is no restriction concerning the free space on the system partition after PSD creation.

Example: The policy is enabled and set to 5000 MB. This means that you need at least 5010 MB free space on your system drive, because the minimum PSD drive size is 10 MB.
Assuming the free space before PSD creation is 5050 MB, then the maximum PSD size would be 50 MB.
Assuming the free space is 5000 MB, then you cannot create a PSD on the system drive.

Default value: The policy is enabled and set to 5000 MB.

Supported on:

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Infineon\TPM Software
Value NameLimitationOfPSDDriveImageSizePol
Enabled Value1
Disabled Value0

Please enter the minimum free space after PSD creation.

Minimum free space (MB):

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Infineon\TPM Software
Value NameLimitationOfPSDDriveImageSize
Default Value5000
Min Value0
Max Value