Automatically Unloading cache

The file system cache space management feature uses a Least Recently Used (LRU) algorithm and is enabled by default. If the space that is required for a new package would exceed the available free space in the cache, the App-V Client uses this feature to determine which, if any, existing packages it can delete from the cache to make room for the new package. The client deletes the package with the oldest last-accessed date if it is older than the value specified as the minimal age in days.
Values are 0 (unchecked, disabled) and 1 (checked, default, enabled).
Default minimal age: 1 day

Supported on: At least Windows XP Professional with SP2

Automatically Unloading Cache
Registry PathSOFTWARE\Microsoft\SoftGrid\4.5\Client\AppFS
Value NameUnloadLeastRecentlyUsed
Default Value1
True Value1
False Value0
Minimal age in days to hold in cache

Registry PathSOFTWARE\Microsoft\SoftGrid\4.5\Client\AppFS
Value NameMinPackageAge
Default Value
Min Value
Max Value365


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