Cache Item Types

This bit-mask value specifies the item types that Offline Access should cache.

IMPORTANT: This value must represent the decimal result of a logical 'OR' of one or more of the following hexadecimal values. The following values correspond to item types supported by ES1 Shortcut tasks and Offline Access:

Email Messages - 0x0001
Appointments - 0x0002
Meetings - 0x0004

EXAMPLE: To enable the caching of Email Message and Meeting items this value must be set to ( 0x0001 0x0004 ), or 5. Please refer to ES1 and Offline Access documentation for more on this topic.

Supported on: Windows XP SP2 or later

Cache Item Types

Registry PathSOFTWARE\Policies\EMC\OfflineAccess\1.0
Value NameCacheItemTypes
Default Value7
Min Value1
Max Value7

offline access group policy.admx