Smartcard Removal Policy for x64 machine

Use this policy to control the behaviour for Smart Card Removal Action when User Authenticates to Citrix Web Interface 5.4 PNAgent Site with Smart Card through Windows Citrix Workspace.

This option enables the user to set the user session behaviour on removing the Smart Card from the client.

This policy is applicable only to 64 bit OS. To check the OS bit type for Windows Machine, Click Start button, right Click on Computer and click the Properties. Check System Type under the System section to know the OS type that is being run. This is policy is applicable if the 64-bit Operating system is displayed for System Type.

To be able to enable this policy, ensure that the Smart Card Removal option is set on WI XenApp Services. Refer to XenApp documentation for the procedure on setting Smart Card Removal on XenApp. When the policy is Enabled, the user will continue to be logged in to the Citrix Workspace despite removing the smart card from the client. The user, however, will be logged off from the XenApp session.

When the Policy is disabled, User's XenApp session will always be disconnected if the Smart card is removed from Client device and Smart Card removal on the WI XenApp Services does not have any effect.

Supported on: Supported on Citrix Receiver 4.5 and above

Registry PathSOFTWARE\wow6432node\Citrix\AuthManager
Value NameSmartCardRemovalAction
Value TypeREG_SZ
Enabled ValueForceLogOff
Disabled Value


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