Allow uploads while the device is on battery while under set Battery level (percentage)

Specify any value between 1 and 100 (in percentage) to allow the device to upload data to LAN and Group peers while on DC power (Battery).

The recommended value to set if you allow uploads on battery is 40 (for 40%). The device can download from peers while on battery regardless of this policy.

The value 0 means "not-limited"; The cloud service set default value will be used.

Supported on: At least Windows 10 Server, Windows 10 or Windows 10 RT

Minimum battery level (Percentage):

Registry PathSOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\DeliveryOptimization
Value NameDOMinBatteryPercentageAllowedToUpload
Default Value0
Min Value0
Max Value100

The default value is 0 (unlimited)


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