Browser preferences (about:config settings). (JSON)

List of browser preferences, located in about:config:

Must be in single-line "minified" JSON format. See example at bottom.

NOTE! If this policy is defined here, all inherited "browser preferences" from a parent policy are lost. To keep all settings from an inherited policy, combine/merge the individual browser preferences from the parent policy into this policy. For example, if you are adding one new preference here and a parent policy already has three other preferences that you want to retain, define this policy with all four preferences in it.

Below is an example of multi-line JSON settings. See conversion details below.

"browser.reader.detectedFirstArticle": {"value": true},
"pdfjs.enabled": {"value": true}

Below is an example of the above settings converted to single-line "minified" format and prefixed with "JSON:". This format is required for this policy setting.


You can use various JSON-formatting websites for validation and conversion, such as:

Supported on: Windows 10


Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Mozilla\Firefox
Value Namecck.config.preferences
Value TypeREG_SZ
Default Value