netbios name

This sets the NetBIOS name by which a Samba server is known. By default it is the same as the first component of the host's DNS name. If a machine is a browse server or logon server this name (or the first component of the hosts DNS name) will be the name that these services are advertised under.
Note that the maximum length for a NetBIOS name is 15 characters.
There is a bug in Samba that breaks operation of browsing and access to shares if the netbios name is set to the literal name PIPE. To avoid this problem, do not name your Samba server PIPE.

Example: MYNAME

Supported on: At least Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 family

netbios name

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Samba\smb_conf\netbios name
Value Namenetbios name
Value TypeREG_SZ
Default Value


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