Enable Transparent Caching

Enabling this policy optimizes subsequent reads to network files by a user or an application. This is done by caching reads to remote files over a slow network in the Offline Files cache. Subsequent reads to the same file are then satisfied from the client after verifying the integrity of the cached copy. This policy not only yields improved end-user response times but also decreased bandwidth consumption over the WAN links to the server.

The cached files are temporary and are not available to the user when offline. The cached files are not kept in sync with the version on the server, and the most current version from the server is always available for subsequent reads.

This policy is triggered by the configured round trip network latency value. We recommend using this policy when the network connection to the server is slow. For example, you can configure a value of 60 ms as the round trip latency of the network above which files should be transparently cached in the Offline Files cache. If the round trip latency of the network is less than 60ms, reads to remote files will not be cached.

If you do not configure this setting, remote files will be not be transparently cached on end-user clients.

Supported on: At least Windows 7

Enter the network latency value above which network files will be temporarily cached on the client.

Enter network latency value in milliseconds

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\NetCache
Value NameOnlineCachingLatencyThreshold
Default Value32000
Min Value
Max Value100000000


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