Block access to a list of URLs

Blocks access to the listed URLs.

This policy prevents the user from loading web pages from blacklisted URLs. The blacklist provides a list of URL patterns that specify which URLs will be blacklisted.

Each URL pattern can either be a pattern for local files or a generic URL pattern. Local file patterns are of the format 'file://path', where path should be an absolute path to block. All file system locations for which that path is a prefix will be blocked.

A generic URL pattern has the format 'scheme://host:port/path'.
If present, only the specified scheme will be blocked. If the scheme:// prefix is not specified, all schemes are blocked.
The host is required and can be a hostname or an IP address. Subdomains of a hostname will also be blocked. To prevent blocking subdomains, include a '.' before the hostname. The special hostname '*' will block all domains.
The optional port is a valid port number from 1 to 65535. If none is specified, all ports are blocked.
If the optional path is specified, only paths with that prefix will be blocked.

Exceptions can be defined in the URL whitelist policy. These policies are limited to 1000 entries; subsequent entries will be ignored.

Note that it is not recommended to block internal 'chrome://*' URLs since this may lead to unexpected errors.

If this policy is not set no URL will be blacklisted in the browser.

Supported on: Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later

Block access to a list of URLs

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Vivaldi\URLBlacklist
Value Name{number}
Value TypeREG_SZ
Default Value


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