Configure the PCoIP session bandwidth floor

Specifies a lower limit, in kilobits per second, for the bandwidth that is reserved by the PCoIP session.

This setting configures the minimum expected bandwidth transmission rate for the endpoint. When you use this setting to reserve bandwidth for an endpoint, the session does not have to wait for bandwidth to become available, which improves session responsiveness.

Make sure that you do not over-subscribe the total reserved bandwidth for all endpoints. Make sure that the sum of bandwidth floors for all connections in your configuration does not exceed the network capability.

The default value is 0, which means that no minimum bandwidth is reserved. When this setting is disabled or not configured, no minimum bandwidth is reserved.

This setting applies to the server and client, but the setting only affects the endpoint on which it is configured.

When this setting is modified during an active PCoIP session, it will take effect immediately.

Supported on: Teradici PCoIP Client Session

Set PCoIP session bandwidth floor in kilobits per second to:

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Teradici\Client\PCoIP\pcoip_admin_defaults
Value Namepcoip.device_bandwidth_floor
Default Value0
Min Value
Max Value100000


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