Configure the maximum PCoIP session bandwidth

Specifies the maximum bandwidth, in kilobits per second, in a PCoIP session. The bandwidth includes all imaging, audio, virtual channel, USB, and control PCoIP traffic.

Set this value based on the overall capacity of the link to which your endpoint is connected, taking into consideration the number of expected concurrent PCoIP sessions. For example, with a single user VDI configuration (e.g. a single PCoIP session) that connects through a 4Mbit/s Internet connection, set this value to 4Mbit (or 10% less than this value to leave some allowance for other network traffic). When you expect multiple concurrent PCoIP sessions to share a link (e.g. multiple VDI users or a RDSH configuration), you may want to adjust the setting accordingly, however this will restrict the maximum bandwidth for each active session.

Setting this value prevents the agent from attempting to transmit at a higher rate than the link capacity, which would cause excessive packet loss and a poorer user experience. This value is symmetric. It forces the client and agent to use the lower of the two values that are set on the client and agent side. For example, setting a 4Mbit/s maximum bandwidth forces the agent to transmit at a lower rate, even though the setting is configured on the client.

When this setting is disabled or not configured on an endpoint, the endpoint imposes no bandwidth constraints. When this setting is configured, the setting is used as the endpoint's maximum bandwidth constraint in kilobits per second.

The default value when this setting is not configured is 900000 kilobits per second.

This setting applies to the agent and client. If the two endpoints have different settings, the lower value is used.

Supported on: Teradici PCoIP Session

Set PCoIP session bandwidth in kilobits per second to:

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Teradici\PCoIP\pcoip_admin_defaults
Value Namepcoip.max_link_rate
Default Value900000
Min Value104
Max Value900000


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