Maximum wait time for Offline Address Book downloads

This setting allows admins to disperse full OAB download requests to randomly start between 1 Hr to several hours (which can span multiple days). If the policy is set and a full OAB download is required (e.g. due to a new PDN on the server), Outlook will perform full OAB download in a random time between 1 Hr to the setting that the admin specified. When the policy is not set, then Outlook clients will continue to download the OAB files as they do today. Also note that the policy will only work for the case when Outlook already has a usable OAB. If Outlook does not have a usable OAB (e.g. new cached mode deployment), then it will ignore the policy for the download (i.e. follow same behavior as today).

Supported on: At least Windows Vista

Number of hours:

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Microsoft\Exchange\Exchange Provider
Value NameMax Full OAB Download Wait
Default Value
Min Value1
Max Value72


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