Automatically receive small updates to improve reliability

This policy setting controls whether Microsoft Office Diagnostics is enabled. Office Diagnostics is used to improve the user experience by periodically downloading a small file to the computer with updated help information about specific problems.

If you enable this policy setting, Office Diagnostics collects information about specific errors and the IP address of the computer. When new help information is available, that help information is downloaded to the computer that experienced the related problems. Office Diagnostics does not transmit any personally identifiable information to Microsoft other than the IP address of the computer requesting the update.

If you disable this policy setting, users will not receive updates from Office Diagnostics to improve 2007 Office application reliability.

If you do not configure this policy setting, this policy setting is not enabled, but users have the opportunity to opt into receiving updates from Office Diagnostics the first time they run a 2007 Office application.

Supported on: At least Windows Vista

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Common
Value NameUpdateReliabilityData
Enabled Value1
Disabled Value0


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