Screen lock delays

Specifies the length of time without user input after which the screen is locked when running on AC power or battery.

When the length of time is set to a value greater than zero, it represents the length of time that the user must remain idle before Google Chrome OS locks the screen.

When the length of time is set to zero, Google Chrome OS does not lock the screen when the user becomes idle.

When the length of time is unset, a default length of time is used.

The recommended way to lock the screen on idle is to enable screen locking on suspend and have Google Chrome OS suspend after the idle delay. This policy should only be used when screen locking should occur a significant amount of time sooner than suspend or when suspend on idle is not desired at all.

The policy value should be specified in milliseconds. Values are clamped to be less than the idle delay.

Supported on: SUPPORTED_WIN7

Screen lock delays

Registry PathSoftware\Policies\Google\ChromeOS
Value NameScreenLockDelays
Default Value


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