Disable checking of autostart settings.

Disables the installation of the Blinzle startup registry key under HKCU.
The default value is 0 or not set.
If not set Blinzle checks for the existence of its' registry entry which enables Blinzle to autostart . If no entry is found or the location of the Blinzle.exe differes from the one configured it automatically adjusts the path.
Set this value to 1 in order to disable this check.

This Policy configures the Value[RunKey_Allow_Update_To_HKCU] located under the[SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Pharmini\Blinzle] Key.
Supported by clients version 1.7.1 or higher.

Supported on: At least Windows Vista

Registry PathSOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Pharmini\Blinzle
Value NameRunKey_Allow_Update_To_HKCU
Default Value
Min Value
Max Value1